We are available to assist you with all of your content needs. Landing page content, blog posts, white papers; if you need something written we can help.

We differentiate ourselves with the quality of our verse and we are extremely selective about our team of writers and editors. There is no pay scale for varying levels of quality; either it meets our standard or it is rewritten.

Quality is baked into our pricing and we recognize that delivering outstanding content is a long-term investment on our behalf. Across the board, we want anyone that reads our verse to come away impressed. Traffic will increase, your clients will reorder and you will want us to keep delivering you the content you need.

Writing great content is not an easy task; there are many steps involved in getting it just right. Words For Less will help you with the following steps, and together we can create an article you find valuable:

  1. We will create a topic for your article. This sounds easy, but it takes time to get right! Check out the image below and you will see that in our dashboard we allow you to approve each of the topics before we even get started writing. If you don’t like a topic let us know and you can give us real time feedback.
  2. Get your client involved: If you are an agency, getting your client involved in topic approval is a great exercise as it allows you to demonstrate the time and effort necessary to create great content.
  3. We do the heavy lifting by communicating your article requests to our writers. There is a lot of back forth to getting the articles just right and we take that part of the process very seriously.
  4. When we receive the content from our writers we double check their work by sending every piece of content through the Copyscape API. That may sound a little paranoid, but we know that every article that comes from WFL is guaranteed to be unique, and that makes us happy.
  5. We have an in-house team of 3 full-time editors that review every piece of content we get from our writers.
  6. By default we source and link out to external sources for all of our articles. This is a natural process that allows the content to flow smoothly and provides the reader with additional value.
  7. We will format the article so it comes out looking nice and neat, without crazy spaces or extra characters that make an article look junky and unprofessional.
  8. Every article is stored forever in your client dashboard for you to access whenever you like. No more hunting down emails to see if you got the content you ordered, simply log in and you have access to any article you ever received from us.
  9. If you are interested, ask us about loading your articles directly into your CMS, doing some internal linking and finding an image. There is a cost associated with this work, but we have no problem doing it.

If for some reason we ever miss one of these steps, just let us know and we will fix it.

Contact us today to see what we can do for you. Click below and view a screenshot of our client dashboard that will help you manage your content and serve as a permanent repository for every article we ever send you.