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We write. We write a lot. We don’t do much with video. However, any online marketing initiative should consider all of the avenues available. Following is a short primer on Vine we crafted for our interested customers.

As the world has expanded into a social media haven, businesses have been forced to adapt, and have found ways to utilize social media to market products, engage audiences, and reach customers. Whether that involved short bursts of text or a single picture with a caption, businesses have had great success at marketing themselves through each new social media platform (though only after avoiding a few pitfalls).

camera lensSo it only follows suit that the next great social media platform – Vine – may also allow companies great marketing opportunities.  As Vine only allows videos to be a maximum of six seconds, businesses need to once again focus on delivering a concise message. Engage, inform and entertain. If successful there are a number of ways that Vine can benefit your business.

Bring on the Foot Traffic

If you sell material products, and have an actual store location, a Vine video can be a perfect tease that brings foot traffic into your store.  By showing a short video of a new product without an explanation, you draw your followers in, and encourage them to head to your store to check out your newest product.  For instance, a burger restaurant could post a video of a new burger, and hungry followers would flock to the location to see what’s in it.  A fashion boutique can show a quick video of its newest inventory, instantly getting their fans attention.  The best thing you can do with social media is intrigue your viewers and pique their curiosity.  Entice then direct them down the sales funnel.

A Smile a Day

Most consumers open up their Vine app to get a quick smile or laugh. If you can provide them with that, you’ll be building a positive association with your brand.  And if you can provide them with a smile or laugh while showcasing your brand in the process, you’ll really be reeling them in. Even a happy video of a company employee can positively reinforce a follower’s opinion of your business.

Go Behind the Scenes

One thing that video allows is for you to show your customers what your company looks like behind the scenes (a nearly universal attraction).  If you’re a restaurant, a video of your chef flambeing meat will get the attention of your followers. A car dealership unloading a new sports car off of a truck will create strong interest from your viewers.  By giving your customers a glimpse of what goes on behind the doors, you’ll increase both their interest and curiosity in your brand.

Showcase Options

Vine can be used for quick stop-motion videos, which can help you display the myriad options you have for your products.  For instance, if you’re a shoe store and you sell a certain shoe in 15 different colors, you can make a stop-motion video with pictures of the shoe in all 15 color options.  Then, in just a few seconds, customers will see all of the options they have for that shoe.  A certain color might catch their eye, or they may simply be impressed.


Many companies use Vine for contests, partially because it can have such a successful snowball effect.  For instance, if you are a pet store, make a video of an animal, and ask your followers to send you their best pet videos. Those who do allow you access to their followers, increasing your reach.

Complete Marketing Approach

Innovators will continue to add new platforms to the ever-growing pool of social marketing tools and companies will find ways to use them to maximum effect. Remember to take a holistic approach to your online marketing activities. Your videos, website design and published words should all carry a consistent message to your prospects. We can help with the writing.

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