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As businesses bend and shift and adapt for the current technology age, they are learning how to properly utilize all of their mediums. From frequent social media updates, to online videos advertising their brand, the most successful companies are adapting for the internet and social media infused world that we currently live in.  The companies hopping on the tech bandwagon are thriving, while those stuck in the mud of their traditional ways are quickly perishing.

Stuck in your same old tricks?

Stuck in your same old tricks?

It goes without saying that you wish your company to be firmly in the former category. And so it is imperative that your company learns to utilize current forms of technology, so as to properly market themselves and interact with their customers and fans. Arguably the most important way that a business can do this is through a blog on the company’s website.

While blogs used to simply be places for individuals to share their opinions on whatever topics they choose, they are now extremely important aspects of successful business models and strategies.  Companies that succeed have websites that inform and engage with their blogs.  Of course, one of the primary mistakes that companies make is that they create a blog, but don’t put pertinent information on it, or don’t update it with much regularity.  Here are a few of the reasons why having a substantive and up-to-date blog can work so well for the overall success of your business:

Ease of Accessibility

Back in the old days, the way that companies let their voices be heard was through press releases and company newsletters.  No more; at least not exclusively.  Those take far too much time, are much harder for consumers to reach, and cannot be done with the same frequency as a blog. A blog allows users to see the latest news regarding your company every time they head to your website, rather than reading about it a few days after the fact.  The tech age is all about ease of accessibility, and a blog plays directly into that strategy.

Influence Potential Customers

Whether buying a service or a product, most people research their potential purchases online.  Consumers are more informed than we often give them credit for, because they usually spend a significant amount of time on the internet, scouring all the information that they can before making a decision.

As such, a blog can serve as an online salesperson.  If you use your blog to sell a potential customer on your company, you’ll be directly influencing their opinion.  Put yourself in the consumer’s shoes: understand their need and explain how your product or service solves it. It’s pretty simple. Of course you can’t simply blog about your products or services ad nauseam. Mix in solutions to problems your customers might have that aren’t solved by your product or service in order to build trust and demonstrate your authority in your industry.

The Perfect Platform to Inform

Blogs serve as an ideal platform for informing customers of promotions, events, or company improvements.  You can’t make a big hoopla about every little thing your company does, so a blog is the perfect way of letting your customers know of the smaller changes and exciting new perks of your business. As long as your blog is up-to-date and informative, it will keep potential customers engaged and enthusiastic, as they see all of wonderful and exciting news that should encourage them to give you their business.  Using technology for your company is all about getting the attention of the customer, and a well done blog can do exactly that.

Another modern necessity...

Another modern necessity…

A Modern Necessity

In order to have success in the current age of technology, a blog is almost always a necessary tool.  But a blog alone won’t be enough; your blog needs to be informative, substantive, and frequently updated. If it is all of those things, you’ll see just how big of an impact it can have on the success of your company. Many small businesses (or webmasters running blogs for small businesses) don’t have time to keep their blog updated on a regular basis. Luckily, we can help with that! Get in touch with us to see how we can help improve the flow of traffic to your site!

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