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In a world increasingly dominated by technology and social media, the average person’s attention span is growing shorter all the time. People are constantly connected these days: they use their smart phones to browse their social media feeds–Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Vine, and the like–any chance they get. Because the typical social media user checks his or her profiles so frequently, the onus is on businesses, celebrities, and news outlets to provide a steady stream of fresh, interesting content. Life moves a little faster in this technological day and age, and it has never been more important for businesses to stay on top of their social media presence.


When news breaks about changes to your business, it’s important to let your customers and readers know how you’re reacting and what your opinion is. Nowhere is that opinion better shared than on Twitter. Twitter is the fastest-moving social media site, and its limit of just 140 characters per tweet allows users to cut straight to the chase. This platform allows businesses to offer short takes of their opinion on the most relevant and pertinent news–most importantly, it allows them to get the word out quickly. Being able to respond quickly to breaking news will keep your business nimble, and if quick response is your goal, Twitter is your platform. So how can you use Twitter for business? Here are just a few of the many ways to get started.

Add Your Opinion to the Mix

Largely due to the influence of social media, news breaks and begins circulating before anyone has a chance to properly analyze it or even form it into a report. Sports games offer a perfect example of this: in years past, people who didn’t catch the game on the television would find the final score in the next morning’s newspaper, accompanied by a detailed analysis of the game as a whole. Now, in the technology age, we are privy to the final score of the game within seconds of its ending, even though the recap and in-depth analysis may go on for hours.


The same is true with news. If news breaks that affects your company’s line of work, it will be all over social media before you have the chance to write an article on it. To stay relevant, it’s important to throw your opinion into the mix immediately–when the topic is still fresh in your readers’ minds. Even if you haven’t had time to fully articulate a well-supported argument, you can use your 140 characters to let your followers know you’re thinking about the same issues they are and that a more thorough review is on its way. In the social media era, giving readers a reason to return to your page is gold.

Establish a Dialogue

Maintaining a presence on Twitter isn’t just about keeping up to date with the news. Throwing your hat into the ring on Twitter also allows you to establish a dialogue with your followers. Not every tweet has to be about business–your readers will be more entertained and more engaged if there’s some levity involved. Don’t be afraid to toss in a little humor now and then, as long as it’s all appropriate. Readers of your tweets can respond to your tweets, and you, in turn, can respond to theirs. Twitter is a perfect platform for different ideas to be bounced off of different users; you may have one opinion of the news, while a follower may have an alternate view, or people may have questions regarding your business. Using Twitter allows you to see the perspective of your clients and customers, while also providing you the opportunity to open up a discussion with them to share your side of the story.

Stay Relevant

It’s been said before, but it bears repeating: the social media age has truncated the already short attention span of the average member of society. People check their Twitter feeds in short bursts–on break at work, in line at the coffee shop, or even during a lengthier visit to the restroom (no judgment!).  In the land of social media, persistence is key: if you don’t tweet often enough, your readers may begin to forget about you. Tweet as often as you can. No harm can come from expanding your business’s social media presence, and more frequent tweets will keep you in your readers’ minds. Find something to share with your audience every day, whether it’s connecting over a holiday or speculating on a major sporting event–use current events to engage your audience and keep them coming back for more.

Let Twitter Help You Reach Your Audience

Twitter has good reason to help your business reach its audience through tweets–without business marketers, Twitter probably wouldn’t exist. Especially because the company recently launched its IPO, Twitter is increasingly vulnerable to the vicissitudes of the market. That means that if advertisers can’t easily use the platform to get their message to the right viewers, they’ll find another platform they can use more effectively and take their advertising dollars with them. Their efforts are your company’s profit: there are tons of features designed to help businesses connect with their followers.

Your business doesn’t have to do all the legwork–Twitter can help. Twitter recently announced new features to help businesses target their advertising to specific groups of users. The targeting is based on what Twitter users appear to like based on who they follow, not what they tweet. If a user is following several football players and ESPN, they’re likely a football fan and might be more interested in sports-related products than, say, a user who follows mostly crafting bloggers and pastry chefs. Twitter can also help businesses target users for advertising based on the user’s browsing history and the cookies stored there. This feature allows companies to advertise their products more directly to users who might be interested in them, taking the guesswork out of the process.

Twitter has lots of features available to help your business reach as many followers as possible. You can add a live-updating Twitter feed to your company’s web page and encourage your on-site audience to follow you on Twitter by adding a “Follow” button that allows them to subscribe to your feed with just one click. The new features available from Twitter are designed to help you grow your readership from any web page, making it a breeze to cross-promote your content.

For these reasons–and many more–Twitter can help your business stay nimble as the ever-fluctuating wave of news and current events comes and goes. It’s a brilliant marketing tool, and when properly utilized, the benefits are incalculable. If your business is too busy to craft an engaging tweet often enough to stay relevant, Words For Less can help. Check out our Social Posts page to learn more about how our team can help craft your tweets ahead of time.

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