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A press release is written and distributed to the media to get your news out to as many people as possible. In the Internet era, hundreds of millions of people browse for items of interest. The need of the media for newsworthy topics to publish is almost limitless. Your task in a top-quality press release is to use the media’s need for quality content and the public’s desire for interesting reading material to the advantage of your business.

Make sure your news is worthy, otherwise it simply ends up here.

Make sure your news is worthy, otherwise it simply ends up here.

In the past, press releases were confined to paper and had to adhere to a strict format. Space was limited in print publications, and only a small amount of newsworthy content was published.

The internet made the volume constraints obsolete, and while there are some very un-newsworthy releases published, being newsworthy is still critical to attract attention. If your news isn’t worthy, then you are better off keeping it to yourself.

People today spend more time in front of the computer than watching television or reading magazines and newspapers. A digital press release has the potential to reach the millions of people who access the Internet daily. Here are some reasons why a well-timed press release is a great idea to promote your business.

Communicate with your Customers

The best way for people to learn about your business is for you to tell them about it. Launching a new product or service? Tell the world about it. Hired a new business leader? It sounds like a press release is in order. Received a top service rating? Let the people know!

Maintaining a dialogue with your customers and potential customers is critical and press releases are a great channel for communication (in addition to your website, social media platforms, email and printed collateral).

Attract New Customers

Press releases are a means to build your company brand. If your business continually pops up in the news, it creates familiarity and trust among consumers. By keeping your brand in front of potential customers through newsworthy content, you increase the chances that they will think of you the next time they are in need of your products or services. A digital press release increases your potential customer base far beyond what was formerly possible.

Lead your Industry

Press releases highlight the need for dynamism in your business. What are you and your employees doing that is newsworthy? If the answer is nothing, then it may be time to rethink that strategy. Press releases act as a barometer to measure your innovation index.

Some press releases are promotional, announcing special discounts or sales, free items or upcoming contests. Others, however, tout your company’s accomplishments, such as awards won, goals met, landmark events and charitable work to which your company contributes.

Keeping positive, content-rich press releases in the news earns your company a good reputation and establishes you as an expert in your industry. People will look to you when they want a successful, well-established, reliable product or service.Trophy

Impress Investors and other Stakeholders

It is important to maintain an online news forum with easy access to all past and present press releases. This documents what your business has accomplished and intends to accomplish in the future, and creates archives that investors in your company and those who visit your website can peruse to learn more about your business.

Remember that a press release is not a one-time event. The way to maintain visibility, lure new customers, create a status as industry experts and impress investors is to regularly distribute well-written, content-heavy press releases. If you do, you are joining many other business owners in using one of the most powerful publicity tools currently available. Successful press releases create a chain effect as your shared news spreads across multiple networks to influence potential customers and investors you could never reach in person.

We write numerous press releases for our clients. Need help with yours? Engage us and let’s get your word out!

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