The Quality Revolution: Creatives Rejoice!

Something wonderful is happening on the Internet. For years, there was something that bothered me about SEO practices, something I couldn’t quite pinpoint. I cringed at the idea of people posting thinly-plagiarized spun articles on blogs haphazardly scattered across the series of tubes; it caused physical discomfort to read some of the writing that was being passed off as “blogging.” […]

Content on the Go: Don’t Forget Mobile!

Smart phones (be they iPhones or android devices) have global sales that more than double their traditional counterparts.  Quite simply, the digital world is getting bigger and bigger, while its primary machines are getting smaller and smaller. Companies rely on digital marketing in this day and age – without it, they would wither and die.  As mobile devices boom in […]

What Can Vine Do For Your Business?

We write. We write a lot. We don’t do much with video. However, any online marketing initiative should consider all of the avenues available. Following is a short primer on Vine we crafted for our interested customers. As the world has expanded into a social media haven, businesses have been forced to adapt, and have found ways to utilize social […]

Put your Business’ Blog to Work!

As businesses bend and shift and adapt for the current technology age, they are learning how to properly utilize all of their mediums. From frequent social media updates, to online videos advertising their brand, the most successful companies are adapting for the internet and social media infused world that we currently live in.  The companies hopping on the tech bandwagon […]

How to Get the Most Out of Those 140 Characters

Working with Twitter can be challenging due to the character restrictions the microblogging site places on its users. If you are new to Twitter or unused to writing in 140 characters or less, you need to learn how best to effectively communicate your message and attract attention. Meeting this challenge requires an understanding of the power of Twitter for your […]