We can work with you to get your brand mentioned in content on a 3rd party site. We will do the outreach, make the connections, write quality content and then connect with sites and bloggers that are interested in partnering with your brand. This service is not for people looking for old school SEO tactics as there are no followed links included.

Words for Less excels at writing. We also know how to connect with third-party publishers to get your brand mentioned in content on their site. The publisher gets great content and your brand is distributed to a wider audience.

If it’s that simple, why hire Words For Less?

Words For Less employs a team of professional writers and editors who are dedicated to creating engaging content. Words For Less’ writers customize each article to meet the specific needs of our publishing partners. Publishers work hard to differentiate themselves from their competitors; generic or low-quality articles add little value to their site. We work with the publishers to develop content that matters to their audience while remaining relevant to our clients and the brands they represent.

Words For Less is very invested in developing relationships with third-party publishers. Our ability to leverage these relationships allows us to get the word out about your brand to a large number of sites.


We offer this service at $125/post

Qualitative and Quantitative Stats

As our brand mention service targets an authoritative publisher, these publishers require monetary compensation in exchange for a brand mention on their website. In addition to the content (written by Words For Less) that is contributed to the publishers, brand mentions involve payment in exchange for the brand mention and the referring no-follow link to the defined URL.

We consider working with publishers who meet most, if not all, of the following criteria:

  • Page Rank 3+
  • Domain Authority 30+
  • Thematically consistent
  • Quality design
  • Advertising is not spammy
  • Publisher “presence”
  • Social signals
  • Post commentary

Premium Brand Mentions

We may apply the same brand mention principals to a more specific population of publishers. Contact us to discuss your specific needs and our current opportunities.

Why Brand Mentions?

For the following principal benefits, largely derived from access to another site’s audience:

  1. Brand recognition
  2. Referral traffic

Each of these reasons in and of itself is sufficient to justify the cost. Collectively, the return on investment is indisputable.

A huge benefit to using us to manage your brand outreach process is that we have built a proprietary dashboard to allow you to see the results of our work in real time. Who wants to place an order and get a spreadsheet back in 6 weeks with the results? That is a bad user experience; no one wants to see results that late in the game. With our dashboard (pictured below), here is what you get:

  1. Status Information in Real Time – Did you just order 30 brand mentions from us? Then you will see 30 brand mentions in Open status in your dashboard. As each brand mention progresses it will move from Open to In-Process to Scheduled to Published. If you review the work and find that a link is missing because a publisher changed something, just send us an email and we will immediately move that post into Problem status until the issue gets remediated.
  2. All Your Brand Mentions in One Place – Log in and you’ll be able to see your whole order history from the very beginning.
  3. Filters to Help You Check on Progress – You can filter by Order # to see how the latest order you placed is doing. You can also filter by an individual Post # to call up specific details about that post. Our filters help you find what you’re looking for quickly.
  4. An Easier Way to Report to Your Clients – Want to get the data out of our system so you can report on progress to your clients? No problem. Just click the Export Orders button at the top of the screen (it’s to the right of all the filter options), and all the data will be exported into a .CSV file. Only want the data for a specific order? You can use the filters to narrow down the data displayed and then export exactly what you need.