My Love Affair with Words

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I thought for Valentine’s Day I’d do something a little different from my usual blog posts. (And maybe a little bit cheesier—bear with me.) I’ve been posting a lot about content marketing and calls to action and things that, while very important, aren’t necessarily near and dear to my heart. But, in light of the holiday, I thought I’d take […]

Read More About Calls to Action Here!

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It may seem obvious, but it bears repeating: every piece of content a company produces should serve a purpose. Actually, it should serve two: the first, to entertain and inform the audience, and the second, to engage the audience such that they want to take action. It’s all about moving the readers through the buy cycle and towards making a […]

What Will Content Marketing Look Like in 2014?

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The popularity of DVR, ad blocking software, and “commercial-free” radio has one common thread running through it: avoidance of traditional mass advertising. The modern consumer wants to avoid advertising altogether, but because companies aren’t interested in ceasing to advertise, there has to be a middle ground. What the consumer rebels against is advertising that’s out of context and intrusive to […]

Learn from the Best: Companies with Great Content Marketing

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In my last blog post I went over the basics of content marketing, also known as inbound marketing. (If you missed it, you can check it out here). Content marketing is a great way to draw targeted segments of the population onsite—great content attracts interested audiences who are much more likely to earn you conversions. The challenge, then, is to […]

How to Create Quality Content for Content Marketing

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With marketers beginning to look past traditional SEO practices to drive traffic, content marketing (otherwise known as inbound marketing) is set to take center stage. In fact, an estimated 60 percent of companies employ some form of content marketing in their business plan. In 2014, that number is predicted to grow much higher. Content Marketing Defined The very definition of […]

How Twitter Can Keep Your Business Nimble

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In a world increasingly dominated by technology and social media, the average person’s attention span is growing shorter all the time. People are constantly connected these days: they use their smart phones to browse their social media feeds–Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Vine, and the like–any chance they get. Because the typical social media user checks his or her profiles so frequently, […]

I Literally Died, or Why the Dictionary Is Wrong Now and It’s All Our Fault

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It seems like all my blog posts are about how to get under an editor’s skin. (But it’s so fun!) It’s easier to do than you might think; all it takes is using a few words the way they’re commonly used—incorrectly. Below is a rundown of some words that a lot of people use wrong all the time without even […]

The Frankenstein’s Monster of Language: The Portmanteau

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Continuing in my new tradition of regaling you, dear reader, with linguistic trivia, this blog post (just in time for Halloween!) will center on that Frankenstein’s monster of word construction: the portmanteau. Even if you’ve never heard the French term before, you’ve almost certainly heard one of these beauties in everyday conversation—they’re increasingly popular these days. Plus, they’re just plain […]

How to Drive an Editor Crazy in Three Simple Steps (Without Making Any Mistakes)

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Sure, it would be easy to slap together some obviously ungrammatical prose, slip it to an editor for approval, and watch the sparks fly. But just being wrong is boring—there are much better ways to drive editors crazy, and you won’t even have to make any mistakes to do it. The following are three tried (and tried and tried) and […]

Naprons and Apkins: How the Indefinite Article Shapes the English Language

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I am nothing if not a geek. I recently spent an hour (or three) reading up on the indefinite article in English after a brief conversation with the team about why anyone would write “an history”. We all remembered from grade school that we write “a” before words that start with consonant sounds and “an” before words that begin with […]