Pizza Party for a Good Cause

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The Word for Less office had been kicking around the idea of a pizza party for a few weeks now. You might think that everyone would have leaped at the first chance to eat pizza in the office, but in the end, we were glad we waited as long as we did. The devastating March 22nd mudslide in Oso, Washington, […]

Working From Home During the Holiday Season: How to Stay Motivated Without Being a Grinch

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With Thanksgiving just around the corner, the winter holiday season is almost upon us. As someone who flies home to family for extended periods in December, I find it can be a challenge to stay on top of work during the flurry of festive activity. With trial and error, I’ve developed some steps for staying motivated and working from home […]

Does Your Content Pass the Relevancy Test?

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I’ve observed one constant in the fluid and ever-changing world of Internet marketing. No matter the medium or methods for reaching an online audience, at the heart of every resounding message is great content. Yet, when you spend as much time as I do online, you find that the quality of one’s content is often a secondary concern. If you […]

How to Find the Best Opportunities for Guest Posting

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When you begin guest posting, it can be a daunting process. You become exposed to an entire population of blogs that you probably have never visited before, and it’s overwhelming to be dropped off in the deep end of the Internet without a paddle, so to speak. In my time evaluating blogs, I’ve developed some steps for saving time, harnessing […]

Keys for Maintaining a Robust Blogging Schedule

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When it comes to writing, I often feel like Goldilocks. I might wake up and say to myself, yes, today is the day that I’m going to write a perfect post for our company’s blog. I spend my morning commute thinking about different angles for an engaging article, or pondering new things I’m interested in, and by the time I […]

Crafting the Perfect Guest Post Pitch

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Being of a certain age, the first blogs I read were the intensely private (yet, usually public) online diaries. The Blogspot, Xanga, and Livejournal platforms catapulted teen angst throughout the web, but eventually blogs became a leading source of my information on product reviews, new Indie bands, political news, and countless other areas of interest. What was once an escape […]