Words For Less April Updates

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Words For Less April Updates We have had a lot going on in April! In addition to writing, editing and prospecting we have been busy with the following: We have been investing time establishing relationships at some very popular media properties that are willing to accept guest posts. If you or your client are looking for something closer to traditional […]

What it Takes to Manage Content

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Onsite content is important. This is not an earth shattering statement, but have you thought about what it takes to really do it properly? As an SEO agency, what are your options for ordering content? You could: Write content yourself. Hire writers full time to write for you. Use Craigslist to find contract writers. Find an article marketplace to identify […]

Guest Posts and Google Authorship

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Many of you have asked us if we can link your Google+ Author accounts up in our guest posts and the answer is yes! If you go to our order form you will see the section for guest post details. Under each row there is a link (click on it) that says: “Additional URL & Anchor (Feel free to use […]

5 Ways Infographics Will Improve Your Site & Your Traffic

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Most successful internet sites follow the same formula: use catchy headlines that act as sound-bites to grab a reader’s attention, and then follow it up with a well formatted and interesting article. While headlines and engaging content go a long way, there’s truth to the idea that a picture says a thousand words. What if you combine a catchy headline […]

Content Marketing is More Than Just the Latest Buzzword

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What is Content Marketing? In the simplest terms, content marketing is creating and distributing valuable content in order to acquire new customers to your business. Content marketing comes in many shapes and sizes, some of the most popular are: blog posts, articles, videos, contests, infographics and much more. Rather than pitching your product, you provide information that your customers find […]

Guest Posting after the Google Penguin Update

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Link building is tough! For year’s Google allowed people to pile up targeted anchors with lighter penalties that didn’t dramatically harm a site. Now with the penguin update that has all changed, your site can get severely penalized if you get tagged by Penguin, I wrote a guest post covering the subject on Elliot’s blog. We get asked a lot […]

What’s the Point of Guest Posts?

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When I talk to people, not everyone understands what the purpose of guest posting is. In a nutshell, if you want to market your site or you want to get content for your site, guest posting could be the solution you’re looking for. I’ve elaborated on the following components of guest posting below: You Want to Market Your Site If […]

Words For Less

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Words For Less was founded by 2 people with similar but different backgrounds to end up in the same place: an office in the quiet downtown of Burien, Washington. Founder A (notice how I chose A instead of #1 :)) is me, Chad Fisher. Born and raised in south Seattle, I went to the University of Washington, graduated with an […]