Cultivating a Consumer-Focused Content Marketing Strategy

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  Content marketing is a concept that some people don’t fully understand the value of. There are companies who feel that they don’t need content marketing — that the work outweighs the benefits, or that it just “isn’t for them.” However, once they begin to understand that this type of information is vital to surviving in a global marketplace, hearts […]

Staying Relative with the Frequency of Social Posts

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  Internet audiences are voracious for content. Users browse, read, and click-on more links at a faster rate today than they ever have before. Although their appetite for content may be increasing, their attention-span is plummeting. Readers are far less willing to read large, bulky paragraphs than they used to be. They perceive their browsing time as valuable, and are […]

Creating Shareable, Useful Content

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The most successful content currently in the digital marketplace usually has a few things in common; they are easily shared, they have broad appeal, catchy or interesting headlines, and have some value to the lives of customers. When creating content for your blog or website, it’s interesting to take these characteristics of content in to consideration. For many, the solution […]

Niche Content Doesn’t Have to Be ‘Boring’

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The more specific a genre becomes, the smaller the audience. There are certain niche marketplaces that are swarming with businesses who are all seeking to fish from a very small pool of interested parties. In order to break out of that smaller response group, there are ways to craft your blog content in order to make it more appealing to […]

The Future of SEO in a Google-driven World

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Search engines have undoubtedly become the gateway to the internet, and industry heavy-hitter Google has been making some tweaks to the way Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is formulated and used. They’ve been busy over that last year re-examining traditional SEO strategies and implementing changes while enforcing a few penalties along the way. SEO companies and publishers have begun to reshape […]

Using Blogs to Generate Business Leads

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In the transition to the digital media world, voice and presence are everything. When first explaining social media platforms to someone who is unfamiliar with them, Words For Less offers these to-the-point explanations: Facebook is like having your own room; there are pictures of yourself, your friends, notes and memes you want to hold on to and share with other […]