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Few would argue that there is a more powerful institution in finance than the U.S. Federal Reserve. Few would argue that there is a more powerful institution in marketing than Google. Beyond immense power, what else do these two behemoths have in common? A commitment to stay the course.

Market Data

No whammies! No Whammies!

This week the Fed announced its intention (more or less) to adhere to its policy of economic stimulus; five years running now.

In recent years, Google too has stayed the course, continuing to focus on improving their users’ experiences through exposure to higher-quality and better targeted content.

Another Animal in the Menagerie

Welcome Hummingbird (announced September 26, 2013), the most recent addition to Google’s algorithm zoo. Hummingbird retools the search algorithm to focus on the meaning behind the words, rather than the words themselves. Publishers who focus on conversational search (conversational content) may reap the reward. Panda, the in-depth article update, Hummingbird…Google has held to their mantra that “content is king” and given some direction on how that content should be structured.

 Embrace the Change

Updates like Penguin and Panda have taken a punitive approach to forcing change, punishing webmasters for “poor practices.” Remediation efforts have consumed massive resources and some sites may never recover; the least “bad” survived.

However, Google has stayed the course and the stage is now set. By focusing on high-quality, customer-centric content, publishers have an unprecedented opportunity to maximize inbound marketing efforts.

 Our “Onsite” Services

For years we have been helping our clients publish high-quality content on their clients’ websites. Our service is centered on:

  • Collaborating with you to identify appropriate topics
  • Writing and editing the content
  • Revising the content based on your feedback
  • Citing authoritative sources (including other pages on your client’s site)
We actually have desks, but they were empty when this post was published.

We actually have desks, but they were empty when this post was published.

While we are happy to defer to your expertise on best practices, we’re also happy to share our thoughts. Our ideas are molded by keeping on top of industry change and through constant dialogue with our many, and diverse, clientele. Not all verticals are treated the same and what’s working for one business may not work for another.

We’re fortunate to have clients across a wide array of verticals that are willing to share their experiences. While client confidentiality is paramount for us, once distilled, we love sharing that information; we love collaborating with you to find the best solution for your clients.

Anchor with Content

Whether you take an academic angle on a subject, or are more jocose (yes, that one came from the thesaurus), great content is now a requirement. A single piece of content can serve as the anchor for a grander marketing initiative. It can be tweeted, liked, shared, submitted to other communities for comments, retweeted, shared through another outlet, etc. It is the cornerstone on which the rest of the marketing initiative can be built. However, if you take this approach, be sure to invest sufficiently in the content itself. A shaky foundation will topple your campaign. (I promise that we won’t mix metaphors in your content…unless you ask us to).

Once the ball is rolling, push it along. Respond to comments and don’t be afraid to let the content take on a life of its own. Often, the commentary around a post is excellent and may even trigger ideas for a follow-up article.

 Crystal Ball

Will the Fed’s policies pay-off? Is unemployment headed south of six percent? I haven’t a clue. What I am certain of is that Google is going to continue to reward high-quality content with increased exposure. Let us know if you want to talk about how we can help.

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