An Agent of Your Site
Words For Less positions itself as a third-party agent of your site, hired for a specific purpose. We do not purport to be an employee of, or direct representative of, your site or business. During the process to match you with appropriate publishers it is necessary to disclose your site’s URL.

Self-promotional Use of Posts
We reserve the right to use the posts that we work to publish for self-promotional activities (e.g. as examples to prospective clients).

Working with Agents
If you are an agent of the website being marketed (such as a SEO firm) and have hired Words For Less to work on the site’s behalf, we commit that we will not engage your client directly. Any necessary communication will be coordinated through you.

Use of Information
We commit that all information you provide us will be used in order to provide you or your client with guest posts. We will not share your information with any other party unless it is directly related to that goal, and then, only to the point that it is reasonably and normal in the course of business.

Conflicts of Interest
We may be have contracts with sites or agents who are working in the same niche or vertical. We commit that we will not share your information with our other clients. If we find that we cannot independently, and in good-faith, meet the terms of our commitment to you we will contact you immediately to terminate our arrangement and negotiate an equitable settlement for services rendered to date.

Payment Terms
Payment is due at time of order.

Unauthorized Sites
We will not represent adult, gambling or pharmaceutical drug sites (or any site that we deem to be unethical or illegal), nor will we work with publications that operate in these niches.

Right to Alter Terms
Words For Less retains the right to alter these terms at any time. However, orders placed are governed by the terms in place at time of order.