Social Media Skills

We think of social media deliverables as bite-sized pieces of content. If you think about it, the atomic unit of all good social media campaigns is content—whether it’s written, visual or a combination of both. Your social media presence will receive an immediate boost when you let us help you create something AWESOME.

Facebook, LinkedIn and Other Social Platforms

Whether you have built a presence on Facebook, LinkedIn or another social platform, communicating with your followers requires a considerable amount of written content, published regularly. Let us help you keep your social media accounts active and engaging.

Each company’s approaches social media differently; whatever your approach, we can certainly assist. Contact us to discuss your specific strategy, objectives and our pricing.


We are particularly adept at creating tweets for clients (check out our Twitter feed if you don’t believe us :)). We can create prepackaged tweets (that you can then schedule out), so if you manage social media campaigns for your clients and want to talk to us about how we can help, fill out the “other” order tab and explain what you need.

Tweet Pricing:

  • 10 tweets for $30
  • 20 tweets for $50
  • 30 tweets for $65

The tweets will be informational and educational, discuss industry related topics and be useful for your client’s followers. Also, if you have particular events or happenings you want us to mention, give us a heads-up! Don’t forget to indicate the style (witty, snarky, straightforward, etc.) you want us to adopt.