There are many things that Words for Less can do to help out your client that aren’t strictly related to content. This is our catchall section to offer up services aside from content and guest posts that we think you will love.

We have programmers full time in our offices here in Burien Washington. We specialize in WordPress skinning and design, if you ever need a quote for a project feel free to let us know we can get you even more examples of work.

We can design landing pages and full websites. We designed the Words For Less website, so you know we have skills! We are strong at design and have plenty of additional examples we can send you if you want to check out what we can do.

Managing testimonials for clients is hard work! Most clients forget to ask, don’t track them or if they manage to get a testimonial they leave it in their email, what a waste! We have a great solution to collecting, tracking, managing and reporting testimonials for your clients. If you are interested we can show you a demonstration.

Still content conveys powerful emotions, but we find that a video can really help your sales take off. We have included a sample video below to give you an idea of how you can use video to demonstrate your services. Send us an email and we can connect you with a video production company to help you out.