Have you ever performed a thorough review of your inbound links to determine which links are helping or hurting your site? If you haven’t done this exercise, then your past due for a review.

Five years ago, any link was a good link and there were very few link-based penalties. Today, with the implementation of Google Penguin and Panda (as well as Google manual reviews), the links you have pointing to your site can have an even greater effect on your site’s performance. This means that while some links will continue to improve your site’s performance, other links may cause your site to be penalized.

Get Help Sorting Your Links
Words For Less can help you analyze all of your links and then start sorting them into buckets: good, bad and suspect. We will produce a report that categorizes all the links based on our experience and extensive knowledge of SEO and site performance. When determining which links are good or bad, we take into account a couple important considerations: Is this link an obvious paid link? Is the link on a spammy site? How relevant is the link to the page? Is the link a site-wide link in the footer or the blogroll of the site? Is the site part of a blog network?

Disavow Report
After we have created the list of bad links, we will generate a report that you can then use with the Disavow Tool in Google Webmaster Tools. It may take a few months for Google to process the links that you have disavowed, so understand that this process takes time. However, once the links have been processed, they will no longer pose a threat to your site.

How Much Does This Cost?
We will review up to 750 of your links for $500. If you have more links or want to do this for multiple sites, send us an email to receive a quote.