Brand Mentions

What are Brand Mentions?

Brand Mentions are an arrangement, whereby online publishers post content on their websites that is written by Words For Less. Words For Less acts on your behalf to find publishers who allow the publication of contributed content, negotiate the content with the publisher, craft the article and ensure it is published appropriately. The content includes referring, no-follow links to the destination URL that you define. The purpose is to drive referral traffic and increase brand awareness. Since the links are no-follow, there is no intent to manipulate Google Page Rank, and therefore Bran Mentions are in no way in violation of Google’s terms of service.

What’s in it for the Publishers?

Publishers receive unique, free, high-quality content that is specifically tailored to their audience. High-quality content results in increased traffic, greater audience engagement and ultimately increased revenues for the publisher.

What’s in it for you?

You gain access to a high-quality publisher’s audience. Posts will drive traffic back to your website, promote brand awareness and credit you with generation of the content.

The posts can be tailored as a direct pitch for the sale of products and services, as an indirect pitch (e.g. an informative article) in an attempt to attract people back to your website and to build brand equity and awareness. Optimally, the published content is replicated on other publications by audience members of the initial publisher, which results in a compounded benefit to the poster.

Which Publishers are targeted?

Words For Less targets blogs and other online publishers who operate in niches that are related directly or indirectly (we can’t always find blogs about to your site’s niche). Targeting a tangential niche enables your message to reach an audience that you don’t already have access to, while still providing relevant content to the publisher and a relevant backlink to your site.

Words For Less leverages our relationships with publishers to arrange brand mention posts. In addition, we are continuously reaching out to new publications to increase our network and find new sites and audiences for our clients. We use quantitative measurements to identify appropriate publications. We also perform a qualitative review (by a human) to ensure that the site is indeed an acceptable candidate.

How much control do you (the client) have over the Content?

Limited. Control over the content is largely ceded to the publishers. As you can imagine, site owners and operators are quite particular about the content they publish. While we welcome your input into the general direction of the content, we must retain autonomy to negotiate the content on your behalf with the publishers.

We use our judgment to find appropriate content for all parties involved. Highly authoritative publishers may demand complete autonomy over the content they publish; we use our judgment to balance your benefits against this lack of control, and decline arrangements if we don’t believe your return-on-investment is acceptable.

Once the content is agreed upon, our team of writers generates the content and it is transferred to the site’s operator for publication. The articles are high-quality and engaging, written by a team of US-based writers.

We do not control the publishers and cannot assume responsibility for their actions. Once the content is transferred to their control, they have the ability to alter it before publication. We commit to championing your cause to the best of our ability and will take steps on a best effort basis to work with the publisher to correct any unintended actions.

Where is the link?

Most publishers do not allow links to your site to be embedded in the text of the post unless they add value to the text (which is seldom the case unless the article is a direct sales pitch). Usually the no-follow link back to your site is included in the article’s by-line at the end of the post. While some publishers may allow multiple anchor texts linked to multiple URL, we recommend, and will only commit to one link/one URL per post.

Anchor text and URL

The anchor text is defined by you (to the extent that it is allowed by the publishers) as is the URL to which you would like to link. You also have the ability to control authorship (e.g. “written by…”), though most clients allow Words For Less to publish the article for them using a ghost author pseudonym (or other appropriate attribution).


The brand mention post process involves finding an appropriate publisher, negotiating the topic of the post, writing and editing the post, submitting it for publisher review, revising for any edits requested by the publisher, resubmitting the post, queuing the post for publication (some publishers have long queues, others publish immediately) and finally, publication. This process can take anywhere from a 5 business days to 30 business days. Our goal is to publish the entire order within 4 weeks and with most orders, the majority of posts are published within that timeframe. However, the publishers are not under our control and we are largely at their mercy. We will take steps to address significantly delayed orders, such as working with new publishers, expanding our niche pool, etc. Since the publishers are independent, posts normally publish over an “organic” timeframe. In other words, with an order of 20 posts, 25% may publish in the first two weeks, 60% in weeks 3 and 4, and the final 15% thereafter. Please let us know if you would like to talk about strategies to gain better control over the timing of the posts.

Content Services

What Content Services does Words For Less provide?

Words For Less is capable of meeting all of your online content needs. Most content requests involve blog posts, webpage content, press releases, social posts and whitepapers. Do you have something in mind that is outside of these confines? Our infrastructure allows us to meet any online content need. Let us know what you have in mind!

What is involved with your blog management service?

A company’s blog is central to their online dialogue with their customers and potential customers. Keeping that dialogue going requires a company to post regularly to its blog. We partner with you (whether you are the owner/operator of your own website or whether you are an agency who manages websites for your clients) to deliver blog posts for the respective blog. Our service includes topical assistance, writing, editing, revisions, authoritative linking, internal linking and basic formatting. We also offer a white label WordPress plugin that can be installed to seamlessly port the articles from our platform to a WordPress blog.

Who writes the content?

Most copy is written by our network of US-based contract writers. We may write select articles internally, but we believe that the best approach is to work with individuals who have subject matter expertise. Since our clients span a wide array of industries, we are unable to employ full-time writers across all niches. However, we do employ a team of editors. Our editors are responsible for working with our customers to understand their needs, finding the writer who is in the best position to address those needs and collaborating with the writer to generate the best content possible. Our editors hold the writers accountable to our exacting standards and work with you to ensure the product you want is the product we deliver.

Is the content original?

All content is checked against Copyscape for originality before it is presented to you, our client. We will not accept articles that exceed 25% Copyscape match, unless there is a compelling reason for the duplication (e.g. quotes or direct citations that are necessary to support the Content).

How does licensing work?

In exchange for monetary compensation, our writers grant us an exclusive and perpetual license to the original copy. We in turn, cede that license to you in exchange for compensation. You have the right to modify or publish the content as you see fit. We do not assume any responsible for changes that result in libelous copy.

Social Posts

How much do social posts cost?

No two clients have the same approach to social channel advertising. Therefore, pricing is dependent on your strategy and your needs. Contact us for a personalized, no obligation, quote.

Which social platforms do you support?

We are able to support virtually all social platforms, from 140 character tweets to more involved FaceBook posts. Major channels include: Twitter, FaceBook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pintrest. Most of our activities involve the written word, but we can support other needs, including graphics and video. Let us know what you have in mind.