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Guest posting involves the exchange of quality content by the guest poster, in return for access to the publisher’s platform. Content reigns supreme; it is the glue that binds. Of course, content doesn’t create itself, it doesn’t manage itself nor does it find itself a home. Behind every great guest post is a process that brought it all together. Other posts in this blog will focus on developing quality content; this post focuses on the system that we have developed to bring that quality content to light.

Way back in 2011…
When we began guest posting, long before Words For Less came to be, the efforts were coordinated using spreadsheets, email records and other relatively ubiquitous tools. The process worked, but it didn’t work well. When we made the decision to venture into guest posting as a service for others, we knew that to have any shot at success we had to reinvent the process.

It’s Simple, but Rather Complicated…
From a guest poster’s perspective, a successful guest post arrangement is relatively straightforward: it involves finding publishers with whom to work, crafting content that the respective audience finds valuable and working with the publisher to shepherd the content to publication.

While straightforward, each of these three aspects presents its own unique challenges.
Many CRM applications work to address the first stage of guest posting: finding the publishers with whom to work. As intended, they help with outreach and building relationships. Unfortunately for us, none of them addressed the operational considerations of guest posting: content creation and content management.

On a small scale, these operational aspects of content creation and management can be addressed with some sound processes and some basic applications. If you are only writing ten articles, for ten publishers, to promote a single entity, then the operational challenges may never really present themselves. When you are writing a hundred articles, for a hundred publishers, to promote twenty separate entities, they can quickly become significant.

We’ll Just Build It
After considering other products in the market, we decide that rather than try to cobble together several system that might each address a respective part of the guest post process, we should build a platform designed specifically to support guest posting (and other content management activities). In addition to providing superior client service (the guest post product as well as the client reporting tools), a platform designed for a specific purpose scales much more effectively than one that is pieced together.

So we built it…
We hope that our clients have found value in the “client reporting dashboard”, which allows them to monitor their posts in real-time as we fill their orders. Keeping true to this vision of transparency, we have pulled together a short screencast to provide a quick peak under the hood.


We created a test site where you can login and play around with the guest posting platform. If you are interested in getting hands on, email us at and we can set that up for you!

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